Creating Your Logo


There are a lot of things to consider when creating your logo. Do you want it to be a picture, in words or maybe a mix of both? What colors will stand out. What's the shape and everything else in between.

With all that in mind you need to have a professional logo designer who will create your logo.

Here are some tips on what to ask your designer to help you out when creating your logo

1. How can you make my logo unique?

When meeting your designer, you need to know that they can help you in making your logo unique.Will they be able to make your logo different apart from your competitors?

When meeting up with your designer, have a look at their portfolio. Do you see any difference between the logos they have created before for their previous clients?

Also note that when you choose them, they are there to help you design it and create it. They must work with you in completing everything even up to the smallest detail. So, your logo stands out from the rest of the competitors. Remember your company's brand is different from the rest, your logo should be as well.

2.   Do you have experience designing for a target market?

When you have a target market, colors, words, images, designs play a role in catching their attention.

You need to ask if they have an experience with such target markets to ensure that your logo will reflect your customer base.

You need a logo that will get the response from your target market.

3.   What role do trends play in your design?

Your logo should withstand the test of time. Sure, you want it to be trendy. But trends vary in time. You don't want to be redoing your logo every now and then. So, you need a designer who can make your logo trendy but in a manner that you won't have it redone annually.

4. How many logo options will I get?

If you want the best logo for your business, you need to have options to choose from. In general, you should be given at least three options to choose from. You shouldn't settle for a logo that you know won't fit your brand. Choices will let you have an option to mix and match designs that you like.

Now that you have that settled, you also need to ask how many revisions they offer. Will they help in sizing and in what format will your logo be delivered?

You need to ask these questions before deciding to work with a design company. Your time and money should not be wasted. Choose a design team that will cater to your needs to create the logo your business deserves.