Why do you need a logo?


Logos are a distinct way of making your brand known. It's a quick and easy way to identify you.

If you think making your logo is easy. Think again. According to Ian Paget, a designer, a logo is not an art but a strategic tool. He said that people mistake them for art because they are a visual object but in reality, it needs to be treated as a strategic business tool that will allow a company to be identified in the vast world we live in, which case, I agree. You need people to identify you just by looking at your logo.

Why do you need a logo?

Logos are the face of a business, product or service. Knowing a logo like the famous check mark on one of the most famous shoe brands in the world, your famous fast food company, or that apple with a bite out of it representing one of the world's favourite technology brand gets you on the know. Just by looking at it, you know the company, its brand, its values and your experience with it- good or bad.

Your logo can also be used to communicate your brand message and values. But you need to stick to a key idea. Take for example the Logo for FedEx. You can see that there is an arrow in the negative space found in between the E and X, conveying fast delivery.

Simple messages engraved in your logo can have a great impact on it.

A logo that is well designed can establish strong brand identities that helps perform for the business. Getting your brand known is what makes a logo extra special. Think of unique ways when you want to create your logo. Remember, it's not art. It's a strategic business tool.